I don’t think anyone would deny that writing a will is a good idea. In conversation, you nod in agreement when the subject comes up, and make a mental note to get it sorted. And you have every intention to do so. But as it’s not immediately urgent, it gets shifted onto the list of things to do tomorrow. And by the time tomorrow comes along it’s too late. Without a will, your loved ones could be left with the stress of having to deal with this, at what is already a traumatic time.

The key reason to write a will is that, if you don’t, you will die intestate (without a will) and your assets will be divided in accordance with the Intestacy Rules which are set by the Government. But if that doesn’t convince you, here are 5 reasons you cannot ignore.

Leaving your children with an uncertain future

Without clear instructions about your children’s future, care may be uncertain at a time when they are especially vulnerable. If no guardian has been specified in your will, the courts could decide who will look after your children. Wills can also create trusts for young children to ensure their financial security in later life.

Unnecessary family stress

This is no small matter. The stress of dealing with a death in the family is significant. Without a will, the burden of having to make a lot of very difficult decisions can be overwhelming. It is surprising how many families encounter conflicts over the division of assets. Writing a will minimises the chances of conflict, specifying how assets should be divided, and it can also leave provision for financial support and/or guardianship.

Paying more than you need to

Without a will, your family may be subject to higher taxes as well as more in solicitors’ fees to resolve any disputes. The amount of inheritance tax that will be charged on your estate depends on its value but also who benefits. Taking advice is the best way to ensure that your estate does not have to pay unnecessary taxes.

Taking longer than necessary to resolve

Avoiding a long drawn out legal process to resolve issues, disagreements and problems with paperwork is paramount. Making sure that your family are provided for as quickly as possible could make all the difference to their financial future. Not doing so could have an impact on their ability to continue their current lifestyle.

Worry about what to do with your remains

Anyone who has ever had to organise a funeral understands that this is a sensitive matter. It can be stressful for someone else to imagine what you would have liked. It is often a source of comfort that your family can be sure they are carrying out your wishes and this can be dealt with in a simple letter of wishes.

Without a doubt, it is difficult to think about death, your own in particular. And in the short term, it might seem easier to delay, but I cannot reiterate enough how vital it is. Many of my clients have told me how they feel relieved after having completed their wills. I understand that this is not an easy topic to discuss, and therefore I offer a personalised will writing service. Call me for a free consultation and we can discuss your concerns and how exactly I can help you.

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